Women’s Hui 2023


The ‘Our Neighbours’ Movement in NZ is committed to loving Muslims and sharing the good news with them in a friendly, respectful manner. To help NZ Women make lasting friendships with Migrant women we have arranged for the first time a Women’s Hui in 2023.

The theme ‘Weaving our lives together with Our Neighbours’.

This Women’s Hui (gathering) will be held in ‘clusters’ of women gathering around Aotearoa using online media. Participants will not be able to log in to the Hui individually because the technology is unable to handle this effectively. Furthermore, the purpose of the Hui is to ‘weave our lives together’ and this is not a realistic goal if the participant is sitting at home individually.

If you have a group of women in your area who would like to participate please email Aselle at [email protected]

You could host a ‘cluster’ of women.


Saturday the 18th February 2023 from 1pm to 5.30pm
Saturday the 22nd April 2023 from 1pm to 5.30pm

Please enrol NOW of at the latest by 6th February 2023. Thank you

What’s it all about?

God has brought people from many different cultures and faiths into our neighbourhoods so we can weave our lives together into a beautiful design of His making. This is His season to initiate the weaving of our lives together with our migrant sisters.

Find out how to participate in this new design God has planned. Register for this Women’s Hui in 2023.

What will we talk about?

  • Migrant women’s insights into life here in NZ
  • The worldviews of migrant women?
  • Stories about the value of cross cultural relationships?
  • Welcoming, hospitality, honour and shame values?
  • Biblical commands to welcome strangers?
  • Lonliness, community, networks and hope?

The clusters

Find out where there will be a ‘cluster’ nearest to your residence so you can join a cluster on the two days of the Hui.

If you would like to participate in this Women’s Hui and weave your life together with other like-minded women please email Aselle at [email protected]

Why are sessions nine weeks apart?

We have planned the HUI (gathering) on two Saturdays spaced nine weeks apartfor several reasons:

  • Women are busy people
  • A Saturday afternoon is a time when most women can make arrangements to
  • After hearing about weaving our lives together we have time to try doing it
    before the next portion of the HUI gathering.
  • If participants want training in cross cultural communication and outreach,
    there will be an opportunity to access some training in the 9 weeks in between
    the first session and the second session.


$20 per person for both sessions – please pay this amount a.s.a.p to The Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust bank account at the BNZ:

  • Account 02-0240-0030890-97
  • Reference Your surname and initials
  • Code WHUI23


There are two steps to register

  1. Pay the fee of $20
  2. Send an email to Aselle– see below

After paying the fee of $20 please email Aselle at [email protected]

  • your full name
  • residential address
  • mobile phone number
  • the cluster you plan to attend

If you are not sure which cluster is best for you, please email Aselle for advice.