Other resources

The Pilgrimage

A simple tool to help you take initial steps in sharing your faith with your neighbours. Click here.

The Right Path

A useful book which will help you understand aspects of the culture and beliefs of your neighbours. It contains 165 questions that Christians ask about Islam and Muslims ask about the Bible. The answers quote the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran where applicable. Click here.

Benih (Seed Studies)

An Indonesian language website containing 108 Biblical discipleship lessons for new Christians. Click here.

The Circle Bookshop 

A range if Christian books on discipleship are available from our online bookshop at shop.asiapacificdt.org.nz.

Signs of the Prophets 

The Qur’an instructs the reader to take careful notice of the signs of the prophets. Many prophets have a divine sign associated with their life and story. We have researched these stories and gathered them together so they can be easily read. Go to www.signsoftheprophets.xyz.

Attribute to Muhammad Ed Dib

Muhammad Ahmed Al-Hamed was born in 1931 in Bethlehem. In 1946-47 this Bedouin shepherd from the semi-nomadic Tatami tribe discovered a cave in the desert of Wadi Qumran cave contained ancient scrolls dating back to 100-300 BC. The momentous discovery contains 38 of the 39 books of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Read the fascinating story at  www.bedouinshepherd.com