Introducing Manene to Indigenous customs and values

The Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust is concerned that our new migrants evaluate Maori culture and customs from negative stereotypes in the media. 

We want to change this perception. We are now inviting Manene to attend a Hui in Turangi as the guest of the local Iwi and the Trust Board of the APDT where they can experience Whanaungatanga, Manaakitanga,  Kawangatanga, and the Ho Kainga of Tuwharetoa.

Misconceptions addressed

Many cannot understand the Treaty Settlement process and think that somehow Maori are being favoured as citizens of Aotearoa. This sometimes creates an envious spirit and contributes to marginalisation of new migrants.

Our Hui seeks to speak the truth about our history, to help everyone who attends understand the why and how of the Treaty process. It talks about the partnership of the Treaty.

We desire an end result that invokes gratitude towards Maori for their generosity towards Manene based on the deeply held cultural beliefs of Maori hospitality, generosity and kindness.


  • Powhiri, Whakatau, Karakia, walks and talks and discussion, visits to the Tokaanu Marae, and Church, and the hot pools.
  • Manihera enjoy preparing kai (food) and seeing it cooked in steam pits, and enjoy eating the fruit of their labour.
  • We visit the Bay where the first Maori King was crowned and learn the story of the formation of the Kingitanga movement and its relationship with the British Monarch.
  • Manene view and thereby appreciate the sacredness of mountains, forests, wildlife, rivers and lakes of the centre of the North Island.

Multi-cultural experience

Each Hui is hosted by local Maori and Pakeha. The Manene come from many nations in Africa, and Central and South Asia. The multi-cultural context of Aotearoa is experienced in community for a weekend. Friendships are developed.

Social cohesion through honour and respect in community

The outcomes of the weekend are an appreciation of the value of people, their culture and beliefs aided by a common mutual respect from honouring each other and valuing what is precious and sacred in every culture. The way communities are strengthened, healed, reconciled and made peaceful through the application of these principles is a primary outcome we desire all attendees to practice in the lives after the Hui experience.

Hui dates for 2024

  • 26th to 28th January 2024 
  • To be advised

Please register your interest a month before the Hui you choose to attend. At present we only have funding for the first and second hui. So, to avoid disappointment, please register for either the first or second hui. Thank you.


$125 per person – Manene free of charge as our guests

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